Dubai perspectieven.

Multinationals en verenigingen zijn de hefboom voor de groei van Dubai. Read more

Report Peer Learning Activity on the Impact of the Common Quality Assurance Framework.

Report on the way quality in vocational education can be improved on the European level. Read more

Quality methods in the public sector: A clash of approaches?

Paper for the twenty-fifth congress of administrative sciences. Theme: Governance and administration in the twenty-first century: new trends and new techniques. 29 december 2002.

Fahrenheit’s Waterfall and the future of New Public Management.

Paper for the 1996 SASE conference, Geneva, Switzerland.

New Public Management in a Socio-Economic Perspective. (ns)

Paper presented during the 8th International Conference on Socio-Economics on 14 July 1996, Geneva, Switzerland. Published 1997.