Ties that bind us / De band die ons bindt

ity of Gouda in Norway. Gedicht geschreven vlak na de aanvallen van een man in Koningsberg, zusterstad van Gouda, in Noorwegen. Read more

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

A tutorial for CDA EFF on the art of giving and receiving feedback Read more

Determining the added value of peer-based audits in associations through a semi-inductive approach – Peter Noordhoek

Paper presented EOQ EFQM SRMEK international conference. Concerns the renewal in the way peer based audits are done. There is evidence on the effectivity of semi-inductive approach to audits. Read more

The Need to Slow Down Artificial Dumbness (AD) in the Stock Market

the use of algorithms in the stock market is too fast and therefor too dangerous. Read more

Businesses, Associations and a Multi-actor Diplomacy. Chapter

In: Ruël (Ed.), International Business Diplomacy. How can multinational corporations deal with global challenges? Emerald Publishing, London, Advanced Series in Management, volume 18, 2017, p. 197 – 218


Unilever & the value of ice-cream in February

What is the real value of a company? How a good financial perspective can lead to strategic waste. Read more

When I Rule the Code

We cannot expect to be better than what we create. I can only rule the code, when I rule myself. Read more

Virtue & virtual reality

De romans van Donaldson over Thomas Covenant zijn onvoorstelbaar fantasierijk en een voorloper van de virtual reality van nu. Read more

What if your manager goes truly mad?

What if your boss turns out to be mad in a quite literal sense? This is a real life story, followed by some lessons. One lesson is this: we all have some madness in us. Read more

Doorberekening toezichtkosten komt dichterbij

Overzicht van ontwikkeling rondom toezichtkosten voor verenigingen. Read more